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Legally Compliant Liquid Waste Disposal

Ever increasing layers of legislation and stringent requirements coupled with rising costs and penalties for non-compliance make liquid waste disposal expensive and difficult to manage. With a fleet of vehicles ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 gallons, we can handle your liquid wastes whatever they are. Specialising in industrial and construction effluent, regular or one-off collections, we’re equipped for anything.


From our base in Slough, Berkshire, our team provides a nationwide service so wherever you are you can benefit from our expertise.

What kind of liquid waste do we dispose of?

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How do we dispose of your liquid waste?

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From paint sludge and process washings to galvanising acids, cutting oils and liquid food waste, Envirogreen can provide transport and fully compliant, environmentally responsible options for disposal or recycling.

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Bunds around tanks or under storage areas frequently fill up with water which becomes contaminated and needs to be pumped out.


Envirogreen’s tankers can provide the emptying service and offer a cleaning service too, if required, using our combination units with on board jetting equipment.

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When you have an accidental spill, a pipe or tank fails or a natural disaster occurs, Envirogreen are here to offer support, arrange for emergency clearance and deal with the clean-up operation afterwards.

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Liquid Food Waste &


Envirogreen offer a disposal service for food production washings and emptying and cleaning of grease traps.


Typical wastes we can handle include molasses and sugar washings and water contaminated with blood and other animal by-products.

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Inteceptors, Catch-Pits &

Gulley Waste

With our fleet of high volume gulley suckers, 2,000 and 3,000 gallon tankers and high-pressure jetting equipment, we can handle all sorts of interceptors, catch-pits and gulleys and advise on the most cost-effective ways to empty and clean them. For deep cleaning, we have towed high-pressure jetting equipment, van mounted kit and tankers equipped with Molex pumps.


To prevent the build-up of oil, silt, debris and contaminants in your drainage system and to keep your interceptor operating at optimal efficiency, we recommend 6 monthly servicing for standard installations.

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Drilling Mud &

Contaminated Liquid

You must get a trade effluent consent or enter into a trade effluent agreement with your water and sewerage company before you discharge trade effluent to a public foul sewer or a private sewer that connects to a public foul sewer.


Where the waste arising is for a temporary period or a consent will take too long, be too expensive or has been refused, the waste will have to be contained on site and removed by tanker for offsite disposal.


Envirogreen are here to help with a range of vehicles and disposal or treatment options to handle the logistics and ensure that the waste is disposed of cost effectively.

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Drain Cleaning,

Soak Away Testing &

CCTV Surveys

From simple blockages utilising drain rods or high-pressure jetting through to more complicated investigation through a CCTV survey or root cutting, Envirogreen offer a full service for investigating and clearing drains. Where there is more severe damage, we can provide other remedial work such as relining, excavation or replacement of damaged or collapsed pipework.

What kind of service do you receive?

✓ All hazardous waste will be collected from your site

✓ All hazardous waste & chemical waste will be properly classified before consignment

✓ All necessary testing and analysis will be arranged

✓ All necessary labels & over packaging materials will be provided

✓ All necessary documentation for hazardous waste disposal will be completed

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