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Health & Safety Compliant Industrial Cleaning

Confined spaces, such as sewers, drains or storage vessels, are commonplace when working with hazardous substances. Finding an experienced and professional team with the expertise to carry out work in such areas safely is not so easy.


In an enclosed space, there is a greater risk of injury or harm to health from increased exposure and a lack of fresh air. You can count on Envirogreen for safe and compliant confined space work that meets all the relevant regulations. From our base in Slough, Berkshire, we are well placed to offer this specialist service throughout the South East and further across the UK.

Working In Confined Spaces Such As

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Your Questions Answered

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Risks Of Working

In Confined Spaces

From suffocation and overheating through to a sudden fire or explosion, the risks involved in working in a confined space are great and varied. Each year, people are seriously injured or even killed due to a lack of training or poorly maintained equipment so it’s vital to make sure all regulations are strictly followed.

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How Can Risks

Be Reduced?

First things first: is entering the confined space absolutely necessary? Sometimes the work can be carried out in another way. Envirogreen will assess the situation and offer the most appropriate solution. If entry is unavoidable, all necessary precautions will be followed to ensure the risk of injury is reduced starting with an emergency exit plan to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

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Legislations &


The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require that an assessment of the risks is carried out prior to the commencement of work. In this instance, the assessment would involve identifying the risks and determining what plan of action to follow. This includes the surrounding environment, the equipment and tools used and the experience of the team member carrying out the task. Envirogreen have all the expertise necessary to carry out both the assessments and the work itself to the highest standard.

Envirogreen Health & Safety Policy

The Board of Directors at Envirogreen is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of their employees. It further recognises responsibility for others who may be affected by its activities. Occupational health and safety is an integral part of business activities, and performance in OH&S matters ranks equally with other company objectives such as those for production, quality and the environment.

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