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Difficult Waste Disposal Made Easy

“Difficult waste” is not a term used in legislation but we use it to cover a grey area of wastes. Although not classed as hazardous by reference to the Hazardous Waste Regulations, they are never the less difficult to get rid of. Examples can be fine powders that skip operators and landfill sites don’t like or malodourous wastes such as rotting food. Managing these wastes can pose a real problem for producers who find themselves with them.


The team here at Envirogreen has encountered most wastes from the bizarre (teddy bears contaminated with insect larvae) to the disgusting (container load of damaged juice cartons infested with rats) and have the experience needed to identify your waste and choose the most appropriate form of disposal. Complete compliance with all necessary regulations is guaranteed, ensuring a no-fuss, convenient service that you can rely on.


From our base in Slough, Berkshire, we provide difficult waste disposal solutions on a nationwide basis.

Disposing of your difficult waste

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How do we dispose of your liquid waste?

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Food Waste


From out-of-date items through to raw meat, Envirogreen can handle a wide range of food stuffs which can prove otherwise difficult to dispose of. Liquid waste can be sent to the appropriate treatment facility. Where possible, recyclable packaging will be recovered.

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In the UK, over 20,000 tonnes of non-lead batteries are thrown away each year, the majority of which end up in landfill. To combat this, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations are set to impose targets to increase the amount of battery recycling. There are currently NO facilities in the UK for the reprocessing of non-lead acid batteries meaning they must be stored, sorted and shipped to Europe for processing.


Under current legislation, no batteries should be sent untreated to landfill. Where processing is not possible, they should instead be incinerated before being dumped. Envirogreen operate a number of collection schemes and battery disposal services and can advise on the most appropriate one for you. We also provide storage containers for lead acid batteries, such as car batteries, which can generally be recycled much more easily.

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Lamps &


Research shows that there are more than 100 million fluorescent tubes and highway lamps used in the United Kingdom each year which produce in excess of 3,100 tonnes of waste material. Until recently, this has ended up in landfill sites. Even though each lamp only contains a small amount or mercury the sheer volume of waste means that large quantities of hazardous mercury could find their way into our land and water supplies. Envirogreen offers a fully compliant and environmentally sound solution, utilising plant which achieves 99% plus recycling of all component materials and recovery of mercury and hazardous materials.

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Building &

Renovation Waste

Envirogreen can offer a complete waste management package for building sites. Working in conjunction with our partner, 2G Environmental, we can offer a revolutionary system for recycling and waste management for all “new build” construction sites. Consisting of a mobile shredder, on-site washing and crushing and water filtration, our building waste system can be operated completely on site without the requirement of EA Licensing. With less need for skips there are less road movements and less material has to be bought in as a lot of waste materials can be re-used. So you recycle more and spend less!

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If you produce a regular special waste stream like empty pesticide containers, contaminated wipes and clean-up materials or contaminated washings, Envirogreen can offer a regular disposal service for a fixed annual fee. Most of the special wastes we consign, including all pesticides, currently go to high temperature incineration for final destruction. This is regarded as the safest and most effective way of dealing with combustible organic wastes, which are unsuitable for landfill because of their toxicity, flammability or resistance to natural breakdown. With our regular aerosol disposal, the costs are fixed so can be spread throughout the year for your convenience.

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White Goods


Envirogreen can dispose of your fridges, freezers, chillers, display cabinets, cold room panels and air conditioners. As a licensed hazardous waste contractor, we will arrange for the necessary documentation, collection and processing of your wastes in accordance with all relevant legislation. Most equipment is taken directly to processing plant where it is dismantled, hazardous components separated and disposed of as appropriate with the remaining material recycled.


Please note, for individuals and domestic users we recommend contacting your local authority recycling department who may offer a free-of-charge fridge and freezer disposal scheme in your area.

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Golf Club

Waste Disposal

For the golf market, we have tailored a standard package allowing for the annual volumes for disposal each year. This includes:

– Unlimited number of empty pesticide containers
– Up to 205 litres of used engine oil
– Unlimited number of oil filters and grease cartridges
– Unlimited contaminated spray suits, gloves and masks
– Up to 24 empty aerosols
– Unlimited lead acid batteries


Based on one collection per year the annual charge for this service is £350.00

The only additional costs are:


– Additional waste engine oil – £70.00 / 205 litre drum
– Full / part full containers – £4.75/ litre /kg


All collections are executed in accordance with the Special Waste Regulations 2005 and all pesticides and related contaminated material goes to high temperature incineration for final destruction.

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IT & Office

Equipment Disposal

Envirogreen helps in the disposal and recycling of computers, VDUs, printers and all other IT hardware like CRT display, televisions, tapes, floppy disks, CDs and DVDs to ensure compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directives (WEEE).


Redundant IT equipment and CRT displays are assessed for the most suitable recycling route in accordance with WEEE provisions. The majority of equipment currently collected is consigned for physical destruction with recovery of the various material components. Equipment is stripped down with any hazardous elements removed i.e. gas discharge lamps and lithium cells on the motherboards. Ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals are recovered from the equipment and sent for recycling.


Secure data destruction is achieved by physical destruction of the media, however, if you specifically require data to be certified destroyed to SEAP standards this can be accommodated; please call to discuss your individual requirements.


Please note, for individuals and domestic users we recommend contacting your local authority recycling department who may offer a free-of-charge computer disposal scheme in your area.

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Envirogreen also offer secure destruction of other merchandise which is not fit for sale. This includes mobile phones, dishwashers, costume jewellery, floating candles, cosmetics, soft toys and much more. All materials are recycled wherever possible.

Guarantees from Envirogreen

✓ All waste is properly classified before consignment

✓ All necessary labels and over packing materials are provided

✓ All necessary documentation is completed with copies sent to the Environment Agency

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